Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Friday, January 06, 2006

Pimp Your Ad

If your ad is placed on the right-of-way in the City of Tulsa, it is deemed a nuisance endangering public safety and in violation of TRO 51 3102.16

Excluded from Right-of-Way; Removal Authorized.
No sign shall be permitted in the right-of-way of a street under any circumstances, except as provided in Section 3102.12.4. Any sign situated in the right-of-way of a public street is hereby declared a public nuisance endangering public safety, and may be removed by the code official or any police officer of the City of Tulsa.

Pimp Your Ad is the legal alternative to get your message out to Tulsa. Instead of a small ad illegally placed on the side of the road, ignored by most motorists, Pimp Your Ad will place your ad ON the road, in front of the windshields of car drivers.

And, the best thing is the low, low cost.


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